How Can You Get Rid of Diabetes In an Effective Manner?

The short answer is – you cannot get rid of diabetes once you get it. Sadly.

Diabetes is the medical term for a disease which occurs in humans. This disease affects the natural ability of the body to change carbohydrates and sugars into energy. This disease is caused by a number of factors such as obesity, poor diet and physical inactivity. The disease can also be hereditary. Due to the disease there is an increase in the level of sugar and glucose in the bloodstream. There are three main types of diabetes, known as Type I, Type II and Gestational.

Types of Diabetes

Type-1 diabetes is a type of autoimmune disease, mainly found in children and young adults. In this disease the ability of the body to fight infections is decreased and thus, the body is attacked by its own cells. The reasons why this occurs are due to infections with specific bacteria or viruses, and food-borne chemical toxins. Type-2 diabetes is caused by increasing age, obesity, physical inactivity and poor diet. The main cause of gestational diabetes is the hormones produced during pregnancy are blocking the actions of insulin and as a result the mother’s body can’t produce enough insulin.

Prevention and Control of Diabetes

The above disease is a life-threatening problem and may lead to many other serious diseases and illnesses. People who are suffering from these problems have a higher risk of other illnesses which include: heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, nerve damage, blindness, neuropathy and foot conditions. With the help of effective prevention and control, one can easily overcome these problems. There are many highly effective medicines and other drugs that can be used for this purpose.

Role of Healthy Diet

One can also make use of natural remedies, and plan a healthy diet along with effective exercise to avoid future problems and manage their illness. You must include fresh fruits, vegetables, Omega-3 fatty acids, and carbohydrates in healthy portions; also include fiber as part of your balanced diet. With the help of a healthy diet, you affect not only your overall health, but also offset the symptoms of diabetes. By simply following the above guidelines, you can avoid diabetes, and its associated illnesses for a long time.

Include Exercise in Your Daily Routine

It is very important to include exercise in your daily routine. Regular exercise is known as an important factor in preventing and managing diabetes. During exercise, the components of your body work together and keep your muscles toned, and blood circulation up to the mark. This helps to fight infections and regain essential nutrients in an effective manner.

If you want to know how you can get rid of diabetes, then you’re at the perfect place for it. With the help of proper medicines, a healthy diet and regular routine exercise, you can easily get rid of diabetes and avoid the symptoms that increase the chances of developing diabetes and other illnesses. You must also consult with the most reliable doctors for further assessment.

Why insulin users aren’t that excited

As everyone knows the approval of Exubera has generated a ton of publicity. In my home town of Chicago, the Tribune ran a front page article above the fold with a banner headline and a picture of the Exubera inhaler the day after it was approved. Nearly every network ran a story on it and from what I’ve heard news of Exubera approval was a page one story in cities across the country.

It seems strange to me that the people I have spoken with who are insulin using diabetics see this as almost a non-event. The general feeling among this group is that injections really aren’t that painful and there are several unknowns about Exubera.

This compares to the non-injecting crowd or people who do not have diabetes, who view the Exubera approval as a major event.

Only time will tell whether or not Exubera will be a commercial success, but I do see one very good results of the approval. It has brought attention to diabetes and if that means someone will ask their doctor about insulin therapy then the Exubera approval could be a great thing. Unfortunately as a group people with diabetes do not receive nearly enough education about their disease. All too often, physicians simply prescribe the meds and fail to refer patients to a diabetes educator.

Left to their own devices some search the internet for answers where finding qualified help is difficult. As I mentioned in a previous post type in the word diabetes in google and there are nearly 90 million hits. Deciding which site is best or qualified can be a daunting task.

Making matters more difficult is that diabetes effects no two people exactly the same way.

Information for diabetics

My hope is that through this blog we can share with each other and lead others to sites, books or publications that have been particularly helpful.

Information is a valuable resource, however to much information can lead to information overload. This is particularly true when it comes to diabetes and the internet. There are thousands of web sites and blogs devoted to the subject of diabetes. Type in the word diabetes on google and almost 90 million hits come up. Think about that for a moment.

Besides the internet, there are several magazines devoted to diabetes and even a cable television show.

Finally, add in all the pieces of information handed out by physicians and educators and it’s easy to understand how someone with diabetes can feel overwhelmed.

That’s one reason I started this blog. I strongly believe that people with diabetes are the best sources of information when it comes to actually living with the disease on a daily basis. I do not pretend to be an expert on drugs or therapies but feel I can help someone who has questions about what it’s like to live with an insulin pump or test glucose levels multiple times each day.

I also feel I can learn from others who experiences vary from my own. To me this is what this blog should be about, helping each other.

As everyone knows by now the FDA approved Exubera, the inhaled form of insulin. Although it won’t be available until later this year I see Exubera as the perfect example of what this blog is all about. For those of us who have diabetes and are on insulin therapy we understand that insulin therapy involves more than just injecting or in my case pumping insulin into our bodies. Being a pumper I test my glucose levels anywhere from 5 to 7 times each day. Before I bolus I use my PDM to determine how much insulin I need at mealtime. (For those you unfamiliar with the term PDM it stands for Personal Diabetes Manager which is the main engine that controls the OmniPod.) Before each meal I test my levels and enter the expected carb intake, the PDM then determines how much insulin I need to stay within my target range. I can either accept the recommended insulin dose or adjust it.

Glucose levels

Yet glucose levels and counting carbs is just part of the equation. Factors such as stress, exercise and even the weather can affect how my body reacts to insulin. Simply put, unlike people taking pills those of us on insulin have more work to do.

While I believe that inhaled insulin is a good thing for people with diabetes, I’m skeptical that patients will receive the proper education need before beginning insulin therapy. Having experienced several hypoglycemic events in my life I am all to familiar with what can happen if you make a mistake and take too much insulin.

With so much attention focused on Exubera by the main stream media I’m curious how patients new to insulin therapy will handle the additional work load. Patients may not have to inject themselves but taking insulin without measuring glucose levels or understanding carb intake can be very dangerous.

Curious what you may think. I await your comments.

Foods Diabetics Can Eat Via for their Diet Therapy

Diet therapy for type 2 diabetes can include restricting sugars and processed flours. One misconception is that one must stop eating favorite foods forever but that is not true. One can still eat red meat but it’s also about watching how much you eat, in other words, practicing moderation. Also, sea food and chicken are good for a low carb diet.

Fruits and vegetables are also excellent for one’s therapy diet. Broccoli, green beans, brussel sprouts and celery are great. As for fruits, grapefruit, strawberries and cranberries are great but one may want to not focus on high glycemic fruits such as oranges, watermelon and bananas. Food such as breads and white rice are not good for consuming for one’s diet therapy but by focusing on whole wheat breads and rice are good. Instead of using regular butter, look for non-fat butter.

A lot of foods available in grocery stores feature foods that are low-fat or no-fat and despite not having fat, are still quite tasty and can be incorporated into a diet plan as well. And grocery stores are not the only ones that are becoming conscious of people’s health. Restaurants are also now providing dishes that are suitable for those on a special diet as well.

For a list of health blood sugar levels refer to accurate blood sugar levels chart.

So, being diagnosed with diabetes is definitely not an end all.

It takes focus, commitment and knowing that you can help normalize your blood sugar by practicing moderation and sticking with your diet therapy for your type 2 diabetes.

Food plan treatment for model 2 diabetes can consist of limiting sugars and processed flours. A person misunderstanding is that one particular ought to avert having preferred meals permanently nevertheless that is not real. One particular can nonetheless take in purple meat nevertheless it’s moreover pertaining to viewing how a lot oneself consume, within just other text, working towards moderation. On top of that, sea food items and hen are Great for a lower carb diet regime.

Culmination and veggies are furthermore best for one’s procedure diet. Broccoli, green beans, brussel sprouts and celery are very good. As for culmination, grapefruit, strawberries and cranberries are best nonetheless one particular might need to have in the direction of not attention on high glycemic end result this kind of as oranges, watermelon and bananas. Foodstuff these kinds of as breads and white rice are not Great for taking in for one’s food plan treatment still via focusing upon total wheat breads and rice are Fantastic. As a substitute of applying every month butter, visual appearance for non-fat butter.

A lot of food available within just grocery stores characteristic food stuff that are low-fat or no-fat and even with not having pounds, are nevertheless pretty delectable and can be included into a diet plan method as effectively. And grocery stores are not the simply just kinds that are turning out to be mindful of people’s health. Dining establishments are furthermore currently advertising dishes that are appropriate for those people upon a exclusive food plan as nicely.

So, becoming identified with diabetes is surely not an end all. It will take focus, inspiration and comprehending that on your own can assist normalize your blood sugar by means of training moderation and sticking with your diet regime remedy for your style Two diabetes.

Diet regime treatment for model 2 diabetes can consist of limiting sugars and processed flours. 1 misconception is that just one really should conclude taking in favored food items endlessly nevertheless that is not true. One can even now try to eat red meat still it’s much too above watching how significantly your self try to eat, in other phrases, practising moderation. Far too, sea food items and chicken are beneficial for a reduced carb food plan.

Culmination and vegetables are too Great for one’s therapy diet regime. Broccoli, inexperienced beans, brussel sprouts and celery are perfect. As for fruits, grapefruit, strawberries and cranberries are outstanding however a person might have to have towards not consideration upon large glycemic end result this kind of as oranges, watermelon and bananas. Foods these types of as breads and white rice are not Terrific for feeding on for one’s diet regime remedy nevertheless by concentrating upon complete wheat breads and rice are Terrific. Instead of making use of month to month butter, visual appeal for non-fat butter.

A large amount of food items out there inside of grocery merchants attribute meals that are low-fat or no-fat and despite not consuming pounds, are nonetheless Very delicious and can be included into a diet plan method as well. And grocery shops are not the simply just ones that are starting to be conscious of people’s health and fitness. Eating places are as well at the moment promoting dishes that are perfect for those people upon a exclusive diet plan as very well.

So, getting identified with diabetes is truly not an conclude all. It normally takes focus, enthusiasm and understanding that on your own can assist normalize your blood sugar by working towards moderation and sticking with your diet treatment for your style 2 diabetic issues.

Diet program treatment for design and style 2 diabetes can consist of limiting sugars and processed flours. Just one false impression is that one particular should really end feeding on favored food permanently however that is not accurate. A person can continue to eat red meat nonetheless it’s in addition relating to watching how a lot on your own eat, in other terms, working towards moderation. Much too, sea food items and chook are Terrific for a low carb diet program.

Fruits and greens are far too perfect for one’s procedure eating plan. Broccoli, eco-friendly beans, brussel sprouts and celery are Terrific. As for end result, grapefruit, strawberries and cranberries are suitable yet a single may require in the direction of not consideration on significant glycemic end result such as oranges, watermelon and bananas. Food stuff such as breads and white rice are not Excellent for consuming for one’s food plan treatment still via focusing on full wheat breads and rice are Excellent. As a substitute of applying month-to-month butter, glimpse for non-fat butter.

A lot of food stuff offered inside of grocery shops feature food stuff that are low-fat or no-fat and irrespective of not taking in bodyweight, are nonetheless Very delightful and can be bundled into a food plan software as nicely. And grocery retailers are not the merely kinds that are turning into knowledgeable of people’s health and fitness. Dining establishments are way too currently offering dishes that are suitable for all those on a distinctive diet regime as effectively.

So, being diagnosed with diabetes is certainly not an stop all. It normally takes focus, determination and knowledge that by yourself can guidance normalize your blood sugar via practicing moderation and sticking with your eating plan remedy for your model Two diabetes.

The One Where I Make Far Too Many Movie References

Sometimes I really think a slap in the face is appropriate for a lot of people. And it doesn’t help when stress is a major factor in my life at the moment. Yep, that’s right, the dreaded stress diabetes mix up. And so many factors have accounted for this, making me want to hit someone, much like that wonderful rivalry between IceMan and Maverick (seriously, Top Gun is the best film EVER!)

Some of it I don’t really want to go into, as its not something I really can go into on a public post, but lets just say the start date for my new job has been pushed back by a month and I am none too happy about it. What I am talking about mainly is the seeming rivalry between a diabetic patient and their pharmacy. I took my repeat prescription in last week, and only managed to get half of it yesterday. Told to go back today only to be told someone had screwed up the ordering, and thus a large chunk of medical supplies hadn’t arrived…including the rest of my stuff.

I should have expected it really. It’s something that my pharmacy of choice does on so many occasions. I am starting to get really fed up of it. Surely the relationship between patient and pharmacy should be like the romance between Maverick and Goose? Surely it should all work out in the end like it did for Maverick and IceMan (“You can be my wingman anytime!”)? Obviously I’m wrong, as I’m having nothing but trouble with my pharmacy and its starting to remind me more of the hatred between Draco Malloy and Harry Potter than any sort of bittersweet romance!

Ok enough with the movie references, but you know what I mean right? Todays cock up with the pharmacy really took the biscuit, its been a really tough couple of days and this was the last thing I needed. Cue swinging sugar levels brought on by the stress of everything mixed in with this on top. I’m having to up the ante on blood testing to try and catch these huge swings before ketones set in. But alas, rage blousing is happening more and more at the moment resulting in scary hypos. In all honesty, I can’t win.

But you know what gets me through the stress? Not only the fact that I do have a job to look forward to, even though the start date has been pushed through no fault of my own. But because I friends from the fantastic diabetic online community (a bit of friendly rivalry there is always good!) as well as fantastic partner. These guys help lift the stress somewhat, make me realise that its not just me having pharmacy issues, and make me realise that sometimes, just sometimes diabetes can go to the back of your mind…

“You can be my wingman anytime!”

“Bullshit…you can be mine”

Blood sugar levels chart

Why do you need a blood sugar levels chart?

A blood sugar levels chart is a very handy tool for all diabetics, be it type 1 or type 2. With blood sugar levels chart you are able to determine in an instant whether your measured blood sugar level is normal, low or high. With that info at hand you can react instantly (whether it is injecting insulin or drinking a sugary drink to elevate your blood sugar).
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What do you benefit by using a blood sugar levels chart?
A blood sugar levels chart is very handy, as already described above. See below an accurate image of this chart.

blood sugar levels chart
blood sugar levels chart
    Here’s more details on this topic:

If your blood sugar is over 200 mg/dl for 2 days in a row, call your doctor.

If your blood sugar level is over 300 mg/dl for two readings taken 2-3 hours apart despite all your efforts to lower your blood sugar level, call your doctor.

If your blood sugar level is over 400 mg/dl and you double-checked to be sure the reading is accurate, call your doctor.

If you have a third episode of a blood sugar below 70 mg/dl within a seven day time frame, call your doctor or diabetes educator.

Always consult a blood sugar levels chart before taking any actions based on results provided.

Treating a Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia)

If your blood sugar is below 70/mg/dl, treat it with a rapid acting sugar (glucose tablets are available from the drug store over the counter). Other sources include 4 oz. fruit juice, 4 oz. soft drinks (not diet drinks), 6 – 8 oz. fat-free milk, or fat-free (NOT sugar-free) candy. Be careful not to over-treat. Consult your blood sugar levels chart.

Wait 15 minutes. Re-check your blood glucose level. If it is still below 70 mg/dl, treat it again. Consult your blood sugar levels chart.

Wait 15 more minutes. Re-check your blood glucose level. If it is still below 70 mg/dl, treat it a third time. Consult your blood sugar levels chart.

Wait 15 more minutes. Re-check your blood glucose. If it is still below 70 mg/dl, either:

1. Call an ambulance with paramedics.


2. Have someone ELSE (not you) drive you to the Emergency Department of the nearest hospital. Also make sure you consult a blood sugar levels chart.

Continue to treat and re-check every 15 minutes until the health care professionals take over.
If you are trying to help someone who is having a low blood sugar reaction, and they cannot drink or eat for you, do NOT pour liquids into their throat. Call an ambulance right away.

Working to learn more about your own body and its reactions at specific levels of blood glucose levels is one of the goals that Your Diabetes Coach can assist you in achieving, if that is your desire. Just let her know during your Initial Assessment Appointment.

heThis Insulin also comes in the form of inhaler. The main target of the insulin treatment is to maintain the amount of insulin in the bloodstream so that glucose level are normal.
• Doing exercise regularly and Staying physically fit.
• Maintain a normal weight.
• Having a proper diet containing a controlled amount of carbohydrates.

Possible complications (nowadays):
• Atherosclerosis.
• Diabetic kidney disease.
• Diabetic Retinopathy.
• Diabetic Neuropathy.
• Susceptibility to infections, eg urinary tract infections.
• Low blood sugar levels leading to loss of consciousness.
• Inadequate insulin replacement will lead to high blood sugar levels and may also cause a serious illness

called ketoacidosis.

What Are You Doing On Diabetes Day?

I am sure everyone knows that November is Diabetes Month, and November 14th is World Diabetes Day.

Well, ok, that is a lie – I had no idea about these months and days before I joined in with the Diabetes Online Community. It is amazing how many things you learn from the internet.

By any means though, it is our day, and our chance to tell the world our story, and why it matters. It is dedicated to both type 1 and type 2 diabetics, but we can certainly make sure that people distinguish between the two and let them know how each disease is unique.

The International Diabetes Federation has set up a website dedicated to the event:

Check it out and see updates on planned activites, news stories about the event, and ideas about unique things we can do to spread the message.

Of course, here at the JDCA we will be jumping on board the train and getting our message across – what we will be doing precisely, besides wearing blue, remains to be decided, but we will keep you updated. The general public who usually don’t care that much about diseases that don’t affect them are often interested when they hear of a day focused on one condition in particular. We must use it to spread awareness,  connect with other diabetics, and buffer up our presence. We feel that we are making small steps towards a cure with our advocacy every day, but World Diabetes Day is an opportunity for a giant leap.

Are there any special things that you will be doing? Events in your city you will be participating in? For the activists who plan on talking to people – which diabetes related issues do you plan on focusing on?

It is good to think about these things in advance – who knows, you might have a mic stuck in your face on Nov. 14