The One Where I Make Far Too Many Movie References

Sometimes I really think a slap in the face is appropriate for a lot of people. And it doesn’t help when stress is a major factor in my life at the moment. Yep, that’s right, the dreaded stress diabetes mix up. And so many factors have accounted for this, making me want to hit someone, much like that wonderful rivalry between IceMan and Maverick (seriously, Top Gun is the best film EVER!)

Some of it I don’t really want to go into, as its not something I really can go into on a public post, but lets just say the start date for my new job has been pushed back by a month and I am none too happy about it. What I am talking about mainly is the seeming rivalry between a diabetic patient and their pharmacy. I took my repeat prescription in last week, and only managed to get half of it yesterday. Told to go back today only to be told someone had screwed up the ordering, and thus a large chunk of medical supplies hadn’t arrived…including the rest of my stuff.

I should have expected it really. It’s something that my pharmacy of choice does on so many occasions. I am starting to get really fed up of it. Surely the relationship between patient and pharmacy should be like the romance between Maverick and Goose? Surely it should all work out in the end like it did for Maverick and IceMan (“You can be my wingman anytime!”)? Obviously I’m wrong, as I’m having nothing but trouble with my pharmacy and its starting to remind me more of the hatred between Draco Malloy and Harry Potter than any sort of bittersweet romance!

Ok enough with the movie references, but you know what I mean right? Todays cock up with the pharmacy really took the biscuit, its been a really tough couple of days and this was the last thing I needed. Cue swinging sugar levels brought on by the stress of everything mixed in with this on top. I’m having to up the ante on blood testing to try and catch these huge swings before ketones set in. But alas, rage blousing is happening more and more at the moment resulting in scary hypos. In all honesty, I can’t win.

But you know what gets me through the stress? Not only the fact that I do have a job to look forward to, even though the start date has been pushed through no fault of my own. But because I friends from the fantastic diabetic online community (a bit of friendly rivalry there is always good!) as well as fantastic partner. These guys help lift the stress somewhat, make me realise that its not just me having pharmacy issues, and make me realise that sometimes, just sometimes diabetes can go to the back of your mind…

“You can be my wingman anytime!”

“Bullshit…you can be mine”

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